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How to Cook Perfect Basmati Rice: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all know that basmati rice is one of the most common types of rice that every mother loves to cook in her kitchen. And even why not. Because basmati rice is always of long grain, fine texture and even when it gets cooked, then leaves the aroma which in turn gives a delightful culinary experience.

And even every person love to eat rice because it comes in wide varieties and meets the diverse needs of the individuals. Along with this, all those individuals who are conscious towards their health, even for them eating the basmati rice is proves to the optimal choice.

But do you know one thing that every dish seems to be tasty only when it gets cooked perfectly. And when you cook basmati rice you will definitely relish the delightful taste of basmati rice. In order to get that utmost taste, you must need to know the correct steps that you have to follow at the time of cooking the basmati rice.

There are basically various form rice dishes that are made using the basmati rice like vegetable pulao, chicken biryani, coconut rice, lemon rice and many more. But the common thing that is used in it is basmati rice and the cooking process is same in all of the rice recipes.

Let’s get to know the cooking process of basmati rice

The cooking process of basmati rice is very simple. But you just have to keep the check on the proper measurements. So that you will get the best and the delightful taste when you eat the basmati rice. And the steps that you must have to consider at the time of cooking are mentioned here as in the following manner:

The first and the foremost thing that you have to do are take the cup of basmati rice as per your requirement. Like you want to make 1 cup of rice, then measure it accordingly.

Then you have to take a bowl and put the cup of rice in it and dip them in water. But you must have to remember that do not completely soaked the rice into water, otherwise it retains the moisture and not cooked properly. If you take 1 cup of rice, then soak them in 1.5 cup of water.

Once you do that, then you have to wash them properly and rinse of the water completely.

Then you have to take a pan put 2 tbsp of oil, and get it heated properly.

After that you have to add the spices like cumin, spices and all the vegetables that you want to add or love to eat in your rice.

Once these vegetables and spices changes their color to golden brown, then you have to add the rice and mix it well.

Then you have to add the double into it but you must have to keep in mind that the quantity of water is double the quantity of rice. Like if you take 1 cup of rice, then water should be 2 cups.

After that add salt according to your taste.

And keep it on low flame till the water soaks completely.

When the water gets soaked up, then you have to turn off the flame.

At last your basmati rice is perfectly cooked and ready to eat. You can serve it with garnishing of coriander leaves.


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