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Rice manufacturers

Rice goes beyond being a food on a plate in India because rice is like a big hug! In India, it is nourished by planting and cooking with a lot of love; also, during ceremonies and special events, people are often served it. It is why rice is symbolic of family ties and faith, as well as honoring the past through a combination of flavors in one portion. For India, rice is pure love, and the top rice manufacturers and exporters are ensuring that they spread this love globally.

Knowing More About The Top Rice Brands in India

Many brands exist in rice production, and the market is flooded with various rice manufacturers and suppliers. Still, it is only the top rice manufacturer, Foods Exports, that has strived for excellence and has become among the top rice brands in India. With more than thousands of rice manufacturers in India, reflecting the country’s position as a leading rice producer and exporter, Foodsy Exports is the number one rice manufacturer and supplier for solid reasons.

India’s rice game is strong, with tons of rice manufacturers. But Foodsy Exports rises above the other Rice brands in India for these solid reasons:

  • Quality Champions: We source only the finest rice varieties, both aromatic Basmati and healthy non-basmati rice options.
  • Masters of Meticulousness: Our processing techniques are top-notch, ensuring hygiene and preserving the delicate flavor and texture of every single grain. Some of the latest rice processing techniques followed us are:
    • Advanced Color Sorting with AI
    • Microwave Dehusking
    • Precision Milling with Laser Control
    • Nano Rice Fortification
  • Global Grain Leaders: Foodsy Exports caters to an international audience, giving us the edge of being the topmost rice exporters in India. Our range of Basmati and non-basmati rice offers a diverse selection to satisfy any culinary adventure.

There is more to the top rice manufacturers and premium rice exporters in India, and that is more to the quality of the wide variety of rice we manufacture and export.

Our Most Demanded Non-basmati Rice & Basmati Rice Varieties

Pusa 1121 Basmati Rice Manufacturers


Grain Characteristics:

  • Extra-long Slender Grains: Rice variety Pusa 1121 is well revered for its exceptional length with individual grains which can reach a maximum size of 9 mm (0.35 in) before cooking; however when cooked, it withholds moisture exceptionally well and then becomes elongated to attain lengths exceeding 22 mm. Across the world, people love it because of its nice fluffy appearance when served.
  • High Kernel Elongation Ratio: When cooked, the grains elongate 2-2.5 times longer than their uncooked size. It translates to a larger volume of cooked rice per unit weight, offering a perception of more excellent value. This variety of basmati rice has made us the top rice exporters in India.

Cooking Quality:

  • Excellent Aroma: Pusa 1121 has a delicate fragrance that adds to the dining experience and is highly sought after by consumers.
  • Minimal Breadthwise Expansion: Unlike a few basmati rice brands, Pusa 1121 mostly elongates when cooked and hence remains separable and fluffy grain-wise. Its characteristic texture and ease of eating are the main reasons why most people favor it.
  • Fluffy White Appearance: The cooked rice boasts a clean, appealing white color, adding to its visual presentation.

Agronomic Advantages:

  • High Yield Potential: Additionally, Pusa 1121 basmati rice is considered to be one of the best in productivity. This translates to a productive harvest for farmers, as the variety yields up to 5.5 tons per hectare.
  • Early Maturation: Pusa 1121 basmati rice matures earlier than traditional Basmati varieties. This leads to quicker harvest cycles and increased harvest frequency within a given season, which is great for Foodsy Exports, the leading basmati rice 1121 manufacturer.
  • Water Efficiency: There is an increasing problem with water shortage, and Pusa 1121 basmati rice presents an answer to that. This type of rice is excellent for Basmati rice 1121 manufacturers as it needs less water than normal Basmati, so it remains sustainable in places experiencing water scarcity.

All in all, Pusa 1121 Basmati rice is quite an achievement for the manufacturer of Basmati rice 1121. It combines sought-after attributes like length, aroma, and texture with high yield capacity and disease tolerance. It is definitely one such variety of basmati rice that has taken us to the top of the chart of top basmati rice exporters in India.

We are also the top Non-basmati rice exporters in India, and here are some of the varieties of non-basmati rice we export. In total, we export 22 varieties of basmati rice, and these are the most demanded globally.

  • Sella Cream
  • Sella Golden
  • Sharbati Raw
  • Sharbati Sella Cream
  • Sharbati Sella Golden
  • Sharbati Steam
  • Sona Masoori Raw White
  • Sona Masoori Steam
  • Sugandha Raw
  • Sugandha Sella Cream
  • Sugandha Sella Golden
  • Sugandha Steam
  • Parmal Raw
  • Parmal Sella
  • Parmal Sella Golden
  • Parmal Steam

If you are looking for any variety of rice, we have all the kinds here at Foodsy Exports with varying features, such as Pusa 1121, which is fragrant, and other types that are required for varied reasons. At Foodsy Exports, customer satisfaction comes first, so contact Foodsy Exports today and embark on a delicious journey.


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